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Signed and numbered Glicee prints.  100 in the series.  A4 bright white mounts.



Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-115.jpg

Beauty in decay……


My favourite place to be to start the creative process is firstly seeking out what has been left behind to decay.  I find, loving something that is no longer wanted has inspired me to produce my paintings of birds and to represent them going about their business (with a hint of playfulness).  I am always fascinated by the patterns left behind by nature.


Sometimes finding a piece of board I can instantly know what I am going to create on it. It could be the colour left behind or the shape of the board that inspires me. And sometimes I just pick a board up thinking ”I’ll see what happens with that one.”


Progression happens at my studio on the banks of the River Blackwater in Maldon, Essex. Deciding on my muse and creating a stencil and the fun begins with my spray paints. 


I really, really love to re use everywhere I can throughout my work, which is why I think I started using discarded boards in the first place.


The thrill of finding is king.

Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-157.jpg

"Attracted by the sense of abandoned beauty,
Natalie breathes new life into once forgotten items.  
Her love of this life, sense of fun and enjoyment of her own process is reflected in the artwork she produces." 
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-60.jpg
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-16.jpg
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-151.jpg
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-27.jpg
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-90.jpg
Natalie Huntsman Art Maldon Essex-38.jpg


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